1000 word narrative

If you think of a novel as a movie, then this is the literary version of a painting or photograph. In writing flash fiction, you reveal the motivation and idealism in your character while showing your audience something human in themselves. Write a title for your story that is no longer than two words because your word count includes your title. Focus your title around a short, ironic word or phrase that plays a role in your story.

1000 word narrative

The air was brisk; it had snowed the day before. Tightening the straps on my camera bag, which weighed about forty pounds, I started on my way. Leading away from the trailhead, I first crossed a small desert field.

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Ground level flowers lined the rust colored dirt pathway and scraggly rodents would scamper away every few minutes. Rounding a curve my first obstacle was in view. A larger than life sandstone slick rock hill, thousands of feet long and sloping hundreds of feet high.

To the left were rock formations, and rugged terrain. But to the right, a sheer drop. My path lay straight up this megalith.

1000 word narrative

Small piles of rocks left by past hikers guided my way. I continued on, feeling like a religious pilgrim ascending to some sacred place to perform an ancient rite. I was not alone on this trail, I had passed twenty or so people since I had begun and knew that my destination would be crowded.

The slick rock leveled off and the trail led to the left, into a scattering of large, otherworldly rock formations and small gnarled juniper trees, twisted as if in agony.

The smell of the junipers was sharp in the air here, in stark contrast to the barren slick rock. After an hour of hiking, my destination grew near. A ledge hung to the side of a small cliff; up and around it went, my destination waiting on the other side. A few 1 Page minutes walking around this ledge and it was clear that the ground was not following.

I realized that I was now on a ledge that happened to be the top of a cliff over one hundred fifty feet high. Scurrying up and along the edge, I followed it around a right turn and in front of me was a three foot high natural rock wall with about a dozen people sitting on it.

I had made it!

word limit | Short Stories Nightwind The evening sun burnt the cloudy western sky the color of blood. This bloody horizon hung just above a tight line of warriors, faces grim.
Writing narrative essay words Jobs, Employment | Freelancer His voice had never sounded so cold.
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There must have been over fifty people scattered recklessly throughout the area to witness the spectacular sunset. The arch was one hundred feet in front of me, atop the rim of a great three sided bowl. Standing in the shadow of this colossal natural stone monument is a humbling experience indeed.

The sandstone arches are not as old as you would think; they come and go. In fact, several arches that stood just fifty years ago have since fallen.In the space below, write a 1, word narrative essay in the first person point of view/5(8). Short reads of less than words.

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But as we all know, it’s a fact that the fewer phrases or complicated terms you use in your writing, the better and understandable your essay will be. A Picture in 1, Words By Richie Haynes It was an hour before sunset, the last weekend in October.

The air was brisk; it had snowed the day before. I was hiking to get some evening pictures of Delicate Arch, a rock formation in Arches National Park, Utah.

1000 word narrative

He had heard their last words, words that should have been spoken while lying old in bed at peace. Her voice brought him back from his somber speculation.

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