5-a-side football business plan

Two high-flying lawyers have quit their jobs — to set up a five-a-side football centre. Soccer in the City is a 15, sq ft complex at the bottom of Liverpool Street in the Castlefield area. The complex has a bar, lobby, showers, 30 car park spaces, changing rooms and a function room which overlooks two 3G astroturf pitches.

5-a-side football business plan

Hey there, I've organized several futsal indoor soccer tourneys in the past so I'll try my best to give you a few pointers.

There are 3 main aspects of organizing this tournament: Participation, Cost and Promotion. Ideally 8, 16 or even 32 too many would be a nice figure. Then set up the schedules in a grouping format 4 per group with the top 2 from each group heading to the knock-out stages. The grouping format gives the best level of satisfaction for participants because each team gets to play a minimum of 3 games.

The time allocation should be 7 mins per half. Thats just a suggestion, 5 minutes or 10 minutes may also be applied. With this format a team tournament will take you hours, with substantial breaks in between.

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Is that too long? It's up to you to decide, maybe reducing game time, or having less knock-out games. COST The main part of the budget is usually the rental of the court and equipment. From here you must calculate the participation fees, taking into consideration how much you are targeting to raise.

Compulsory items for the budget would also include medals for the top 3, as well as water for the teams. My suggestion would be giving consolation prizes to all the teams who made it to the knock-out stages, as well as giving a token of appreciation to all participating teams, for supporting your fund-raising efforts.

Good forms of prizes would be hampers for the teams ranging in sizes. All up to u, HAHA As this may turn out to be a big event I wouldn't knowwhat you can do is apply for sponsors from local companies.

It will be good publicity for them too.

5-a-side football business plan

Get more people involved, and it should be a big hit. For example, having the Guys' team help out wouldn't hurt a bit!

This is how much it would cost to build a 5-a-side pitch in your garden - Telegraph

As for the food, I would suggest opening up tenders. Your friends can come by and open stalls, while paying rental fees. The usual stalls would be snacks, drinks, popcorn, hotdogsI'm a business owning, 5-a-side football playing, podcast listening, meat eating and book reading gentleman.

We are building an arena that includes four 5-a-side football (soccer) pitches and one 9-a-side pitch lying on a river bank. What inspires you and how do you envision the design for your business?

I would like a 3d rendering of what the five pitches would look like .

2-2-1 Formation

The applicant and his business partner are keen to nurture Newport’s footballing talent, and have been involved with the sport to international level. One of the most popular 5-a-side formations is the , as it gives teams the maximum flexibility between defense and attack. This is the 6-a-side variation of that.

This is the 6-a-side variation of that. The launch of the partnership was announced at a 5-a-side Football Tournament organised by A&L Goodbody at the Civil Service Sports Complex, Stormont with A&L Goodbody employees and their clients. Over £1, raised from the day were donated to The Welcome Organisation.

May 15,  · Since you’ve built a 5-a-side pitch, you’ll need smaller goals.

5-a-side goals are just too small to really enjoy shooting at from long range, so for only £ you can buy 7-a-side goals.

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