An analysis of point of the government

Article IV of the Constitution addresses the power and limitations of individual states. Summary of Article IV of the Constitution: Each state is required to honor all other states and shall respect and honor "public Acts, records, and judicial proceedings of every other state. Citizens of one state are entitled to the privileges and protection of other states.

An analysis of point of the government

After years of corruption and mismanagement, the small, blue-collar city south of Los Angeles fired almost all of its employees, dismantled its police department and contracted with a neighboring city to take over most municipal tasks.

As the city drowned in deficits and faced multiple lawsuits, city leaders saw outsourcing as a light at the end of a collapsing tunnel. But it was only a mirage. By September, Bell had scrapped its contract with Maywood, leaving the city to fend for itself and find new contractors for its outsourcing hopes.

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The search for financial salvation is sweeping the country as local governments grapple with waning sales and property tax revenues. The economic recession has strangled budgets, forcing layoffs and the disbanding of departments.

Feeling pushed to the brink of bankruptcy, cities are trying to find effective ways to make do with less. Maywood, in its outsourcing attempt, may be the most extreme example, but in California and other states in the past decade, more public officials have turned to outside sources for help in providing services at a lower cost to the state.

In theory, the idea of contracting public services to private companies to cut costs makes sense. But according to analysts, outsourcing is by no means a perfect solution. The privatization of public services can erode accountability and transparency, and drive governments deeper into debt.

The trend stems from the common belief that private companies can help governments save or make money by doing jobs faster and cheaper, or managing a public asset more efficiently.

This past March, for example, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie created the state Privatization Task Force to review privatization opportunities within state government and identify barriers.

As former mayor of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Gov. Chicago has privatized more than 40 city services. InWest Virginia Gov. The states most successful in privatization created a permanent, centralized entity to manage and oversee the operation, from project analysis and vendor selection to contracting and procurement.

For governments that forgo due diligence, choose ill-equipped contractors and fail to monitor progress, however, outsourcing deals can turn into costly disasters. The Effects of Inefficient Outsourcing No industry has gone through greater outsourcing catastrophes in the past year than government IT.

Technology plays such a critical role in the storage and delivery of vital data that even minor delays and deficiencies can disrupt business operations, such as car registration renewals, and unemployment and medical care services.

Red tape usually prevents governments from making significant modifications, and private companies lack the authority to enforce real changes. When such a public-private stalemate stunts a project, it helps to have an exit strategy. Those risks extend beyond the technology world. Inin the wake of an audit of economic development agreements between Niagara Falls and two developers, New York state Comptroller Thomas P.

DiNapoli discovered that the projects faltered because the city failed to monitor development contracts. One of the projects, a downtown retail mall, has been vacant since ; the second project, which began inyielded nothing more than a rudimentary building foundation.

Strichman says governments should hire an outsourcing consultant who can provide an independent assessment.

An analysis of point of the government

But even with a consultant, conflicts of interest can tarnish a golden opportunity. After all, private companies may want to provide a service efficiently and well -- and often do -- but governments must ride herd on implementation of the contract. If they can cut corners in any way, they often do.

The law outlines analysis procedures and reporting requirements.

What criticisms of representative democracy does Thoreau raise in “Civil Disobedience”?

The laws were created to promote transparency and to ensure that agencies complete an effective cost-benefit analysis prior to procurements.

But the city ceased its cost analysis after realizing that no such private services existed in the area. Competition drives prices down.Analysis Of Marjane 's Point Of View Words | 4 Pages. Two major phases are narrated from Marjane’s point of view in Persepolis. The overthrowing of Shah is the first phase and the second phase consists of a radical Islamic regime.

It was evident from Marjane’s perspective that her family had two different reactions in regards to the two phases. Pericles’ Funeral Oration Analysis: Athenian This piece is a funeral oratory, a speech written to honor fallen Athenian heroes at the end of the first year of the Peloponnesian War.

At such a time of high emotions and patriotism – Pericles has not one theme but several.

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ing sensitivity, probability, and break-even analysis (Makowsky & Wagner, ). Before government decision-makers decide upon a suitable CBA method (or combi- nation of methods) for estimating the cost of social investment decisions, they must. The Good of Government American conservatives need a positive view of government.

by Roger Scruton June I n his first inaugural address, President Reagan announced that “government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem,” and his remark struck a chord in the hearts of his conservative supporters.

Thoreau asserts that government as an institution hinders the accomplishment of the work for which it was created.

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It exists for the sole purpose of ensuring individual freedom. Denying an interest in abolishing government, he states that he simply wants a better government. Majority rule is based on physical strength, not right and justice.

Taking gender as a central focal point of analysis, they also reflect the vast geographical and temporal range of hide production, encompassing mobile and sedentary populations of North America, the .

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