Another place at the table synopsis essay

Posted on November 30, by Scott Alexander I. If the world was created by the Invisible Hand, who is good, how did it come to contain so much that is evil? Can he expect to get rich?

Another place at the table synopsis essay

I write this review as a current foster mother myself.

Another Place at the Table by Kathy Harrison

I'm familiar with the current DSS system and the realities of foster care vs the ideal of foster care. And I have some Negative Thoughts about this book.

It felt ugly, mean, and small. Makes 1 serving of this book gives a terrible representation of what foster parenting should be and 1 serving of thank god regulations have tightened since this. I don't believe Kathy Harrison is a bad person.

I try to give the benefit of the doubt to foster parents, myself being one! But Kathy Harrison as presented by herself in this memoir has done some real harm, which she does not take much responsibility for.

It was Kathy Harrison who knowingly allowed children who she knew would molest other children to stay in the home at the expense of those other children, and the abuse they suffer seems shuffled to the back of Harrison's memoir, while the sympathy and regret for the children victims themselves too given their histories, but still perpetrators of molestation is piled on.

But what snapped my heart closed on the molestation was the fact that Harrison never seems to consider not fucking taking children who present a risk to others when she has so many kids she should be caring about.

The number of foster families isn't equal to the number of kids who need them. But no foster child should undergo more trauma and harm in a placement, and more than one child left the Harrison home having been molested in it.

And that falls on the foster parents for their negligence since they knew such things were going on. You may have a heart for sexually abused children, but holy cow, that doesn't mean you're equipped to parent them in a home with other children who are at risk.

For someone hellbent on sneering at foster parents with a "save the world" mentality, Kathy Harrison sure seemed to think she could save sexually abused children, and pays little penance in this memoir for the children harmed because of that belief in herself.

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Also, the chronology is confusing. Considering Harrison's inability to remember a foster child's name at some point, maybe a better title would have been Another Place at the Table for Whatshisname.A Place at the Table by Susan Rebecca White - Chapters summary and analysis.


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Another place at the table synopsis essay

I can’t wait to pass on this information to other authors.

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