Athia ashfaq healthandsafetu


Athia ashfaq healthandsafetu

Reprints Pharmacists drive information sharing towards quality improvement Pharmacists work in multiple environments—community, hospital, long term care, clinics, retail stores, etc.

They work with patients and caregivers to identify goals of medication therapy and interventions needed, and to evaluate patient outcomes. Too often, pharmacy data is trapped in a silo and unavailable to other members of the care team, duplicated manually in disparate systems which increases clinical workloads without adding value.

Before the PhCP, pharmacists shared information through paper care plans or by duplicative entry into external systems of information related to medication reconciliation and drug therapy problems.

This documentation was not aligned with the in-house pharmacy management system PMS.

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The integration of the PhCP with the pharmacy software systems allows this data to flow into a shared care plan, allowing pharmacists to use their local PMS to move beyond simple product reimbursement and compile information needed for quality assurance, care coordination, and scalable utilization review.

The PhCP standard addresses high risk patients with co-morbidities and chronic conditions who often take multiple medications that require careful monitoring. Care plans are initiated on patients identified as high risk with complex medication regimes identified in a comprehensive medication review.

The PhCP is as a standardized, interoperable document that allows pharmacist to capture shared decisions related to patient priorities, health concerns, goals, interventions, and outcomes.

The care plan may also contain information related to individual health and social risks, planned interventions, expected outcomes, and referrals to other providers.

Healthcare systems increasingly look to create high-reliability The PhCP allows pharmacists for the first time to share information with support teams and paves the way for them to support value-based payment. The number of vendors seeking training on the standard rose from two to 22 during the pilot.

Approximately 34, unique care plans have been shared with CCNC since the pilot launch. This precedent-setting pilot design offered two pharmacy care plan specifications: With the support of National Community Pharmacists Association NCPAthe draft standards will go through the HL7 ballot process for eventual publication for widespread implementation and adoption by vendors.

Athia ashfaq healthandsafetu

This project will make clinical information available to CCNC and provide a new tool for serving patients with long-term needs in the dual Medicare-Medicaid program and Medicaid-only program.

Adoption of the PhCP brings pharmacies into the national health information technology HIT framework and electronically integrates pharmacists into the care planning team, a necessary precursor to a new payment model and health care reform.

Athia Ashfaq healthandsafetu

In addition, receiving consistently structured and coded pharmacy care plans can augment data analysis by going beyond product reimbursement to making data available for, utilization review, quality assurance and care coordination.

Absent that transformation, it will become a kiosk next door to the candy aisle. The reasons vendors are buying into the PhCP standard for the first time ever is that their clients are demanding it for the first time ever.

Sharing a medication-related plan of care with other care team members is critical to the successful coordination of care for complex patients.

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