Celebrating difference

Suitable for Key Stage 2 Aims Preparation and materials These can add impact, but the assembly can be used without them. Display a montage of newspaper headlines about conflicts with a religious undertone.

Celebrating difference

Lesson of the Week Celebrating diversity: You might have seen them many times, but do you really know them? The word is Liberty. Now think about more complex relationships — those with friends, relatives, business associates, acquaintances.

How well do you really know them? How is this knowledge impacting your own success? A key to success is celebrating diversity and honoring people who are different from you. This is done by truly understanding and knowing similarities and differences between you and others and learning how to safely and effectively be connected to them.

Some scientists and doctors were not ready, willing, or able to share information. The Odones pestered people from diverse cultures and disciplines — reviewing studies, badgering researchers, and organizing an international conference.

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They were able to accomplish what an entire profession could not do — bring together world research and give hope to children who have the ALD gene and have not yet had symptoms. Although the oil did not reverse the damage done to Lorenzo, he lived to be thirty years old. What can you accomplish by celebrating diversity on your mission?

You might ask Roger Wilkins. He is a successful Pulitzer Prize winning champion for the welfare of others.

He is the British computer scientist who invented the World Wide Web. He gave the world the potential to know and celebrate each other. Here are some examples of what you can do: Assemble a diverse group of people on your mission board, research new evidence based methods online and incorporate them into your practice, invite unlikely individuals to help you solve problems, make friends with enemies when it is safe to do soor open up your mission to partners from other missions.

Celebrating difference

Honor others and you too will be honored. Venn and the Meeting of the Minds Materials: Paper and pen or pencil Time: Ten minutes to write and ten minutes for each person to discuss their results. Set a timer for one minute.

Our Differences Make Us Stronger

Start the timer and in one minute make a list of the number of ways people can be different from you. Think of a person that annoys you and with whom you do not get along.Difference is amazing Let’s celebrate it.

Welcome to imagine the difference celebrating difference are suggested on pages The Thinking Skills activities on pages , which are all based on the idea of difference, can be tackled by children in both age groups.

They are designed to help the children. imagine the difference has been developed by Scope to help children at Key Stages 1 and 2 to understand that every human being is different and that difference is a positive thing.

Celebrating Difference is a multiracial consulting team offering diversity training as well as leadership and executive coaching. The beginning of the school year is an opportune time for educators to create a classroom culture that celebrates difference, says Katherine Boles, who directs the Learning and Teaching program at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Celebrating difference

Celebrating Differences: Accepting What Makes Us Unique. By JCC Chicago. Early Childhood. By: Rena Rosen, Mayer Kaplan JCC Preschool Teacher and Founder of Art of Compassion and Jamie Miller, LCPC, JCC Chicago Early Childhood Social Services.

In today’s society, children have many opportunities to explore similarities and differences of. Celebrating Difference: Week 1 - Accept that everyone is different This week, we are celebrating people in our school who accept that everyone is “The world would be a .

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