Creation essay everyday life prophets spirituality wrestling

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Creation essay everyday life prophets spirituality wrestling

Chapter 21 is the last chapter of the Gospel of John. Jesus has already been crucified and resurrected, and he decides to show himself to his disciples on a few occasions before the final ascension.

He becomes the focal point in this last chapter of John for good reason—it is the lower ego that must be united with the higher, spiritual ego for the ascension.

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In order for this to happen, we must go through a myriad of new experiences, constantly interpreting and assimilating new thoughts and emotions.

Such is the meaning of life and the evolution of our consciousness. They [the other disciples] say unto him, We go along with thee. I need to point out a few important symbols here.

Creation essay everyday life prophets spirituality wrestling

Peter represents the lower nature. The other disciples are qualities of the soul that compel the lower nature and ego to evolve through time and experience. That is why Peter is emphasized in the text as the one who decides to go fishing and the other disciples promise to go with him; the lower ego leads us when we are young and spiritually immature.

The ship is a symbol of the lower mind, which tosses on the waves and seas turmoil of life to learn and grow.

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The night represents our potential for growth, and it is during the night hours that we struggle. And finally, fish symbolize the emotions, ideas, and concepts we experience in life.

Jesus, shortly to become the ascended Christ, comes in the morning. As you might have guessed, the morning is time for refreshing. It symbolizes moving energy and spiritual growth.

The ascended Jesus here is the power of the Christ within, which is now the power that the disciples soul qualities and Peter natural man, ego need to bear a multitude of fish higher emotions and ideas to blossom and evolve.

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At first Jesus is hidden from them, just as the Christ within is hidden from the ego and natural mind. All of this is further evidenced by what Jesus asks and does in the following scenes: I have bolded two key words which will help us in our final conclusions.

Notice how Jesus calls them children. Children represent the new higher mental faculties and emotions which only the Christ can bear within us.

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The text is setting us up for a development in the soul. Thus far, the disciples have walked with Jesus throughout his ministry. They have witnessed his power through the crucifixion and resurrection potential for the higher, or spiritual ego.

They are now ready to evolve, and eat meat. They need the power of the Christ within, or the spiritual energy, to bring them to the next phases in spiritual growth. Next Jesus then tells them: Notice that the text emphasizes throwing the net onto the right side of the boat.

The right side, or our intuitive side of the brain, is what we must engage to birth the Christ within.

Creation essay everyday life prophets spirituality wrestling

This is also the side of the brain that is affected in meditation and when we go within. In order to draw in a multitude of new growth, of higher emotions and thoughts, we must engage the right side of the brain, which also signifies the outgoing energy of the Christ within.

This is effectively what the disciples have done when they symbolically cast the net on the right side of the boat. Net for the Catching of Fish: A symbol of the astral mechanism which lies behind the physical organs of the five senses, and serves to collect and differentiate the facts of sensation, passing them on as modes of vibration to the mental plane, whereon they become interpreted to the ego as thoughts and feelings of different kinds of qualities.

In other words, the net symbolizes the astral body, which receives or catches the vibrations given off in the physical world.

The astral body is the seat of the lower ego, containing our desires, sensations, and lower emotions, which are relayed to the mental body, and interpreted by our mind. This is some pretty heavy information! This Biblical scene is giving us the key to how we evolve the soul and help birth the Christ within.

If the fish symbolize the emotions and ideas of life, we must learn to cast our nets on the right side, meaning we must engage in the types of activities that are conducive to birthing the Christ within, or that potential spiritual energy of a higher vibration and plane in order to evolve mentally and emotionally as physical beings.

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