Crystal report custom paper size c chord

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Crystal report custom paper size c chord

It has been, in many ways, an unbelievable journey. We, The Nace Brothers Band began the year on a high note with a new CD Space in Time which many believed was our best to date, many thanks to all involved, Andy Oxman, Tilney Erhardt, Paul Greenlease, Shawn Pelton, Elaine Casswell, and of course my brother Jimmy, who had a great group of songs and along with his guitar skills brought great vision and spirit.

I would like to thank my wife Becky for always being there for me, and for reminding me that it had been a while since I had a complete physical check up, so I went to see Dr. Lindsay Hertzig, February 18th, more tests, numbers not good, then a biopsy March 29th, we waited for results, went back April 5th, 12 samples were taken all positive for cancer, we arranged for more testing, CT scan and a bone scan, then the waiting not knowing the extent of the cancer, about 2 weeks finally got the call, it was not found in any of the tests, good news.

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It was a tough 2 weeks seemed like during that time all I did was make people cry, including myself at times, again, I am so thankful for my wife Becky and our Daughter Shelby for helping me through this difficult time.

Now time to fight… hormone therapy injections to the abdomen started in May, then surgery, a complete radical prostatectomy with 28 lymph nodes taken and tested, June 13th, all tested clear.

I then took a little time off to recover from the surgery. After canceling our annual summer Florida tour, and a few other dates, I came back to play, not quite full strength on July 9, probably overdid it, but continued.

crystal report custom paper size c chord

On July 11th we met with radiologist to schedule series of 40 radiation treatments, which started October 6th, our 26th wedding anniversary, not the best timing.

I am still overwhelmed and so thankful for all the continued support and love shown through this journey, no one fights alone, and without my loving family and friends I could not make it. So as we welcomeplease if you can, come celebrate with us as we ring in the New Year at Players Restaurant and Lounge in our hometown Warrensburg, Missouri.

There are hotels within walking distance. David Nace I would like to mention a few people who were willing to bend over backwards to help keep the band on its feet while Brother David was in the healing process. Originally we were going to power through the gigs without David and just get another drummer.

We eventually chose not to, but the overwhelming support to help Paul, TJ, and myself was a true testament of musician brotherhood and kindness. It means more than you know We left there and drove to Reeds Spring.

It was 20 degrees and there was snow on the ground. We were staying the night at the Rockhouse and playing down town the next night. We got there about 2: Jeanette was gone so Bruce had to take one for the team. The only bad thing was it was starting to rain and it was still 20 degrees outside.

People were canceling reservations and trying to sell their tickets. I think we drove all the way home at 30 mph. By the time they had it all worked out, all the rooms and other accommodations were sold out.

crystal report custom paper size c chord

The only house Connie could find was a giant villa overlooking English harbor. I guess it was owned by a friend of hers that had gone for the season. Wow, thank you Connie! We got home and started working on the new record, its going good thanks to Andy at Sound Works studio in Blue Springs.Perserving our Heritage Level 1 Part 1, Moe Ccue C My Box-Spanish 6/Pk, Stone A Visit to the Suez Canal (), T.


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