Dominos core shared beliefs

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Dominos core shared beliefs

Paula Klender October 5, at 8: The reason was that all the employees kept going to the counter talking to friends they knew. This included the cook also.

The manager was not doing anything about the situation. My son said the bathroom was disgusting and the store itself was filthy every place. Please check into this matter. This is not a way to run a business.

Thank you and God bless. Cynthia Hall September 7, at The vanilla milkshakes at Arbys surpass other fast food restaurants. They have best flavor and texture. You think you are drinking the the ice cream. First I want to confirm that the milkshakes have changed.

I was very disappointed to find that the milkshakes have changed. If I wanted a milkshake like the one I got tonight—which is an airy synthetic type with whipped cream—I would have gone to McDonalds. Please change them back. If this is the case, I see no reason to return or recommend.

I took the survey trying to be able to find out if the milkshakes had changed and why —cheaper—and express my opinion and get some answers. Survey did not have a comment section.

Dominos core shared beliefs

Difficult to find the email address also. Michael O'Connell September 3, at After driving for four hours to my home, opening the bag, I find that neither seemed to be doubles and no bacon on either.

Sad to say, that after frequenting this location for the past 25 years or so, the quality and customer service has slipped downward to the point that it is almost too unpleasant. The homeless people living in the outside restrooms are also quite the nasty adventure.

Too bad for them. I know I certainly will. San Antonio on vacation from Fort Worth, Tx. I have seen them take care of Drive-thur, orders and a line of customers in a timely manner, and have never waited 30 minutes for inedible food. Diane August 13, at I ordered 2 bacon beef n cheddar, one onion ring and 2 apple turnovers!

The cost was 8. When I got home I could not believe what I was seeing!!! The meat and bread was cold and the cheese was not melted, in addition the bacon was burnt!! The turnovers were not ever room temperature and the icing stuck to the tissue that they put them in!!!

The only decent thing was the onion rings!! On August 13,I called the 1— twice and requested to talk with a Supervisor and was informed borh times there was no supervisor, which i knew was a lie because ALL customers service have supervisors or someone in a higher level!!! Your employees at these stores are worthless and does an terrible job representing this company!!!

I will continue to call that number until I talk with someone in a higher authorized position!!! Maybe you need to close all stores and re-train your employees!!!!I am a ex pastors son in the denomination and the term ex comes from the fact that my dad was an assistant in a church where the pastor dealt with many sins in the church including adultry in multiple cases until his daughter stepped out on her husband.

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