Exw 342 study guide

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Exw 342 study guide

Review the Code slides for creating variables, flow of control, arithmetic operators, and compound boolean expressions. Review the Fundamentals slides for the fundamentals of programming in Objective-C. Know the difference between an interface and implementation of a class.

Exw 342 study guide

Know the difference of class and instance methods. Know how to declare and call methods. Review the Icon Images slides to know what image file types to use and how to include different resolutions of the same image. Review the Data Types slides to know the difference between primitive data types and foundation data structures.

Read the Objects slides for a review of properties and dot notation.

1Z Study Guide & Valid 1Z Exam Prep - Oracle 1Z Reliable Exam Prep 1Z Dumps Questions & 1Z Latest Exam Objectives Pdf - Oracle Valid 1Z Exam Lab Questions 1Z Exam alphabetnyc.com - Oracle Online 1Z Test - JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Financial Management Implementation Essentials. Code: 1Z - JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Financial Management Implementation Essentials Guarantee your 1Z exam success with our study guide. Our 1Z practice are developed by experience's Oracle Certification Professionals working in . ITP Exam #1 Study Guide Review. Review the Intro slides for an introduction to iOS programming. Review the Xcode slides to know the parts of Xcode including Interface Builder. Know that the Simulator is a separate application.

Review the Auto Layout slides and the Size Classes slides to understand how to format apps for different sizes of iOS devices. Read the Alerts slides for a review of action sheets and alerts. Review the Code Blocks slides creating and using blocks.

Make sure you understand public and private properties and methods, as well as class and instance methods. Review the Collections slides to know the different collections and how to create them.

Review the Gestures slides for using guestures such as taps and swipes. Read the Tests slides to review how to do unit testing in Xcode.

Review the Accelerometer slides for understanding accelerameter and gyroscope actions.

Review the Animation slides for adding animation. Review the Singleton slides to understand this design pattern. Review the Audio slides to know the two parts of an audio file. Review the Delegates slides to know what is one of Cocoa's most significant design patterns. Be able to give examples of using this.

Review the Table Views slides to know the different types of tables, how many columns they have, and how to fill tables. Review the Tab Bar slides to learn how to create tab bars and to know what kind of relationship it is.

Review the User Interface slides to be able to recognize the various UI components. As stated in the syllabus, no make-up exams except for documented medical or family emergencies will be offered.

If you will not be able to attend due to an athletic game or other valid reason, please email me to schedule to take your exam during the same week it is given. Bring a pencil or pen for you to fill out the test. You are not allowed any notes, books, or access to the Internet via laptop or mobile device.

When you enter the room on the day of the test, leave all of your belongings except a pencil at the front of the room. You are not allowed to leave the room during the exam. Please use the restroom facilities beforehand. During the exam, keep your eyes on your own test.BA Study Guide EXAM #2.

University. Pennsylvania State University. Course. B A Academic year. 16/ Ratings. 6. 0. Share. Copy. Comments. 2 , 2 , 2 , 2 , 2 How to use the Fast Track Study Guide: 1. Take the practice exam and answer all questions. 2. Fast Track back to the material by using the.

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