Growing pains life in us essay

Growing Pains Growing Pains: An Ongoing Struggle Growing up is inevitable, yet it tends to be a confusing and almost indefinable topic. A few of the common themes we have found in our collective articles include how certain events can trigger when we grow up, the fact that growing up occurs in stages but with no set sequence or time frame, and growing up ultimately changes our way of life. The struggle of growing up is a topic that has been addressed for centuries, though we all find ourselves lost in some ways.

Growing pains life in us essay

After several years of slow to no sales growth since the Great Recession ofthe company is recently experiencing quick product acceptance and high market demand for newly introduced LED product lines which present both opportunities and challenges to the company.

Essay title: Growing Pains

In order to create the strategic plan, I will perform a SWOT analysis and Porter's Five-Forces Analysis, review the company's core competencies and competitive advantage, and analyze corporate resources and capabilities.

The strategic plan will help the company capitalize on the new opportunities and meet the challenges it is facing. Starting inthe company began the introduction of LED product offerings. In the short two years, sales from these new LED product lines have eclipsed the total sales from all legacy fluorescent products offered by the company over its 20 years.

LED technology represents a game changer in the lighting industry which has traditionally been slow to adopt new technologies. It is the most significant change to the industry in years.

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Inthe company will be introducing HP2 another new LED product that is projected to be as big as the company's HP4 series which was introduced in and now accounts for one-third of the company's total sales.

HP4 also has higher gross margin that the company's legacy products. As a lighting industry veteran, he saw the opportunity for high-performance indirect lighting in America's workplaces and schools, while understanding the challenges keeping this user-preferred lighting from being the standard in commercial buildings.

He envisioned 'innovative and attractive high-performance indirect fixtures could be built to the highest quality standards, shipped and installed quickly and sold at affordable prices'. Terry believed that 'by combining these attributes with indirect fixtures capable of performing effectively in buildings with low ceilings, the world's finest workplace lighting would finally be within reach of virtually all commercial and institutional organizations'.

In pursuit of these goals, the company has invested in independent research studies, lighting technology, product design, lean manufacturing systems and environmental sustainability.

Finelite's corporate headquarters and factory is located in Union City, California. Itssquare foot manufacturing facility is capable of producing 20, linear feet of fixtures per day The company has delivered on its day ship guarantee The lighting revolution promised by LEDs demands reinventing luminaires and lighting systems.

Finelite is working with research organizations to create new benchmark practices in LED lighting.

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Enhance people's lives and the environment through better lighting. Settle for nothing less than percent customer satisfaction.

Growing pains life in us essay

Serve your customer as if he or she is your best friend. Continual innovation must be pursued and implemented. New ways of doing business must be developed to bring our customers superior support and solutions as they grow in sophistication and experience.

Growing pains life in us essay

Take pride in giving your best effort to your customers. Identify potential problems and solve them before they have a chance to become problems for your customer. Respect for people provides the foundation for the integrity that should guide our every action.

Pursue this every day and you will gain excellence in one of the most important areas of life and business.

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Try lots of small experiments. See what works and do it again. Find out why other things didn't work, make changes, then experiment again.Suddenly, as these thoughts went bouncing around my head, I smiled and though of two words that changed it all: growing pains.

Life is beautiful in its simplicity, but can appear so complicated. Growing Pains Growing up I was an abused child who wanted nothing more than to break free of the horrible torture that was imposed on me every day of my childhood.5/5(1).

Assignment 1 America’s Post-Civil War Growing Pains HIS – Contemporary US History Professor Terry Hammons Sean Roppel January 26, The period of Reconstruction, Industrialization, and Urbanization held a vast amount of major turning points in US history.

Mary Melton shares with us another example of how where you grow up shapes you in her essay “My Life in Lights: Growing Up at Hollywood High.” She grew up in the theater industry as her father is the director of one of the country’s top drama programs.

Life in the cities at the time was becoming over crowded as newcomers arrived in the country on a daily basis which caused slums to start developing.

The eastern cities were mainly shipping centers and manufacturing was not that important. Growing Pains- Life in U.S. Essay by lordbane, University, Bachelor's, A+ United States.

America’s Post Civil War Growing Pains Essay Sample. There was a period around the time the Civil War ended known as the Post Civil War. This was a time America named Growing Pains.

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