How technology changed society essays

Steven Smith 0 The times have changed remarkably and the computers and the mobiles, nowadays, are the main part of the daily life of great part of the society. The technology influences society in areas as varied as agriculture, education, communication, politics, work or transport. It is a tool that has modified the way in which society develops. In the previous centuries, technological advances were used by a few, mainly by the most affluent individuals.

How technology changed society essays

Essay on Relationship between Technology and Society Article shared by Essay on Relationship between Technology and Society — Technology and technological developments have reached their heights in the modern society which is often picturised as a technological society.

Though technology has assumed importance in the present world it is yet to acquire a prominent place in the sociological thinking. In spite of it, there are a number of sociologists who argue for its importance especially in understanding the course of history and social change. Major types of societies such as, — hunter-gather society, horticultural society, agrarian society, industrial society, or post industrial society- are mostly distinguished by differences in technology.

The industrial revolution, which produced enormous social change, was based to a great extent on technological innovations. Technological Determinism Image Source: Science in the modern world is more and more tending towards developing sophisticated technology.

Much of the scientific knowledge that is required in the modern industrial society has been used to create an extremely sophisticated technology. It is indisputable that technological innovations have immense social significance. Our way of life and social behaviour are influenced by technologies available to us; from kitchen gadgets to automobiles.

The influence of technology on society seems so powerful that some sociologists have adopted a position of technological determinism. They are of the view that the technology available to the society is an important determinant of its nature and character.

Technology is seen as political and as independent variable in social change.

How Has Technology Changed Communication?

He drew attention to the technologies of economic production that affects the social order. Marx, however, saw technology as intimately related to the social relations of production. Technological determinism is associated with neo-evolutionary theories which give technology primacy in the analysis of social change.

Several American social scientists such as Thornstein Veblen and William Ogburnhave also stated that the specific historical developments and culture traits are the direct result of particular technologies. Ogburn made technology a powerful factor of social change.

He even tried to explain specific social or historical events in terms of suggesting that the self starter in the motor-car had something to do with the emancipation of women in the American and Western Europe.

Similarly, he gave us illustrations of the labour saving devices in the kitchen and the use of new fuels like gas and electricity which reduce the toil of the woman in the kitchen. Ogburn in his attempts to trace connections between historical events and technological developments stated that the invention of cotton gin in promoted the institution of slavery in America.

The cotton gin greatly increased the productive capacity and thus the profitability of the textile industry. As a result, many more slaves were needed to work on the new cotton plantations that had emerged. Ogburn divided human culture into material and non material elements.

He stated that normally changes occur in the material culture first. People accept new tools and implements much more readily than they accept new ideas, values, norms, or institutions.

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These technological innovations invariably lead to changes in the non material culture. Ogburn argued that this culture lag is a continuing source of social disorganisation and social problems. It is very difficult, if not impossible, to isolate the technological factor from the others as the main cause of social change.

How technology changed society essays

Technological change, such as the introduction of cotton gin, always occurs in the context of other changes. Technology cannot operate independently. Moreover, the precise effect of technological innovation depends on the culture into which it is introduced.

Thus, different cultures will accept, reject, ignore, or modify an innovation in accordance with their existing norms, values, and expectations.

It is thus argued that the theory of technological determinism cannot be pushed too far. It is better to see technological innovation as a part of social system along with other elements in society such as religious, political, economy, military, educational, familial, and so on.

Technology and the Rate of Social Change: Technology has established itself as a powerful agent of social change. The more the society is advanced, the more it encourages technology, and, as a result, the more it gets changed due to technology.

And the more rapid the technological change, the more rapid is the social change that it generates. Significant technological changes have taken place in the past years. For a long period in history, people lived in a world little different from that of their parents.

Parents expected their children and grand children to live much the same lives as they did. The traditional societies assume an almost unchanging social world and are typically very suspicious of change.Not only do the rapid growth of technology changed the way we live, from the way business is conducted to the way we communicate with each other, technology advancements are also affecting the way we teach and learn.

But has word processing changed the way we write? There have been lots of inconclusive or unconvincing studies of how the technology has affected, say, the quality of student essays – how it.

The technology revolution has changed culture in a few ways. It has created a new and interesting way for us to express ourselves and get in touch with others via social media.

Now a days it is more uncommon for someone not to have a facebook, twitter, etc than it is for them to actually have one.

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Needless to say, social media has forever changed the way society works, whether it’s the sharing of an idea, the communication of news, or the availability of a product or service.

Society today is on the verge of a new way of existing that it’s never experienced before. Technology and human life cannot be separated; society has a cyclical co-dependence on technology. We use technology ; depend on technology in our daily .

It changed the way they think of, and behave around, people of the Muslim culture; it affected the nation’s security measures greatly and it made people in America lose their sense of trust in President Bush and his government.

Essay on Relationship between Technology and Society