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Thanks to the convenience of the modern thumb drive, I can copy documents or other important files onto a small drive that fits in a change pocket, and transfer them to another computer. This is in fact, what most people do with thumb drives—nothing special so far. Sites like PortableApps actually have pre-packaged applications that you can install directly to your USB drive.

Khalid i write app

A blog on hacking and cyber security. A good hacker knows how to use tools to his best advantage. An even better hacker writes his own tools. Here I have listed the top 10 most popular tools used in hacking.

It is advisable to master these tools to become a good hacker. Note that all the tools listed here are completely free. Nmap Nmap is also known as the swiss army knife of hacking. It is the best port scanner with a lot of functions In hacking, Nmap is usually used in the footprinting phase to scan the ports of the remote computer to find out wich ports are open.

Wireshark Wireshark is a packet sniffer. It captures all network traffic going through a network adapter. When performing man in the middle attacks using tools like Cain, we can use Wireshark to capture the traffic and analyze it for juicy info like usernames and passwords.

It is used by network administrators to perform network troubleshooting. Cain and Abel Cain and Abel is a multipurpose windows only hacking tool. It is a bit old now, but it still does the job well. Cain can be used to crack windows password, perform man in the middle attacks, capture network passwords etc.

Metasploit Metasploit is a huge database of exploits. There are thousands of exploit codes, payloads that can be used to attack web servers or any computer for that matter. This is the ultimate hacking tool that will allow you to actually "hack" a computer. You will be able to get root access to the remote computer and plant backdoors or do any other stuff.

How to Write a Batch File in Windows

It is best to use metasploit under linux. Burp Suite Burpsuite is a web proxy tool that can be used to test web application security. It can brute force any login form in a browser. It can also be used to automatically detect SQL injection vulnerabilities.

It is a good tool to use both under Windows and Linux environments. Aircrack-ng Aircrack-ng is a set of tools that are used to crack wifi passwords. WPA passwords can be cracked using dictionary or brute force.

Although aircrack-ng is available for Windows, it is best to use it under Linux environment. There are many issues if you use it under Windows environment.New Directions in Behavioral Biometrics [Khalid Saeed] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Automatic biometrics recognition techniques are increasingly important in corporate and public security systems and have increased in methods due to rapid field development.

This book discusses classic behavioral biometrics as well as . Kill Khalid: The Failed Mossad Assassination of Khalid Mishal and the Rise of Hamas [Paul McGeough] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

In , the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad poisoned Hamas leader Khalid Mishal in broad daylight on the streets of Amman. Write Congress in under 2 minutes. Text the word RESIST to Resistbot on Telegram, Messenger, Twitter or to on SMS * and I’ll find out who represents you in Congress, and deliver your message to them in under 2 minutes.

No downloads or apps required. This post tells you how you can easily make an Android application to extract the text from the image being captured by the camera of your Android phone!

khalid i write app

We’ll be using a fork of Tesseract Android Tools by Robert Theis called Tess Two. They are based on the Tesseract OCR . Step 4: Find the EXE file that runs the program. In that extracted folder, look for file that runs the program.

It’s pretty easy to spot and usually has the same name as the program you’re trying to install. How to Write a Batch File in Windows? Let me give you quick and easy summary before I dive into the details.

Open a text file, such as a Notepad or WordPad document.

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