Money is a responcibility henry louis gates jr. essay

By Abdul Arif Muhammad, Esq.

Money is a responcibility henry louis gates jr. essay

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We have all had small realizations, but like Gates Jr. Unlike many teenagers at sixteen, I had very few responsibilities. I had no job, nor any bills that I was financially responsible for. My mother paid for all of my bills such as my cell phone bill, car insurance, and any other expenses I had.

I moved here along with my brother and my father over the summer. Since moving, I have obtained a job, and become responsible for my bills. I am now responsible for paying my car insurance, and other bills I may have.


I decided to drive down to Walgreens in order to purchase what I needed. I checked my bank account balance via my iPhone, and realized I only have fifty dollars to spend. At that moment I understood I would have to limit my spending.

As I walked through the aisles I kept my eyes on prices, keeping in mind my decision for a limited budget. I bought and paid for what I needed, but despite trying to save money, I spent thirty dollars.

While driving home from the store, I realized I only had twenty dollars left to my name. At that point, I had the biggest realization of my life.

I finally realized the value of money because I had never bought things myself before. It hurt to see that just a few months ago; I had no worries, responsibilities, or bills.

But a few months ago, I also had no money nor job. I guess growing up comes with responsibilities both negative and positive.

Even though I have more responsibilities, growing up is definitely worth it. My experience relates to Henry Louis Gates Jr. More essays like this:Dec 09,  · Henry Louis Gates Jr. is John Spencer Bassett Professor of English at Duke University.

A version of this article appears in print on December 9, . Money is a Responsibility In his essay, “What’s in a Name?” Henry Louis Gates Jr.

Money is a responcibility henry louis gates jr. essay

travels back to an event in time where his father encountered prejudice and at that time, Henry Louis Gates Jr. made an extraordinary realization at a young age. Apr 28,  · The Mis-Education of Henry Louis Gates, Jr. Slavery Blame-Game,” Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

argues that a moral, historic, political and . In Henry Louis Gates, Jr.’s, “What’s in a Name,” a childhood incedent takes place that deals with his father assuming the name George from a .

, City of Boston, Twenty-Seventh Annual Report of the Trustees of the Public Library, City Document Number 78, Start Page 1, Quote Page 12, (Quotation appeared in excerpt of report from Prof. Henry W. Haynes who was a former trustee of the Library), Published by City of Boston, Massachusetts.

On 20 July Henry Louis Gates Jr, the director of Harvard University’s W. E. B. DuBois Institute for African and African American Research, returned home after a .

1notreallyhere: A Giant Step by Henry Louis Gates Jr.