Nightly business report countdown calendar

However, much has happened since it went up, including the Blogger outage. Scroll down for a report on that. More new posts will be added below this one. The essay below is the conclusion of the ninth part in a series by Takuan Seiyo.

Nightly business report countdown calendar

Well, is nearly in the books. And it was a year that saw some surprises and a lot of big moves. PFE and Allergen, big controversies like the Volkswagen emissions scandal, and big historic moves by the Federal Reserve just last week to lift its key interest rate from record low levels.

Tonight, we look back on and the year that was. After nine long years, the Fed changed course with an interest rate hike. With the economy doing well and expected to continue to do so, the committee judged that a modest increase in the federal funds rate target is now appropriate.

But did that move end the guesswork affecting so many business decisions? Or add to it perhaps? By the time it happened last week, the interest rate move was expected unlike say a brand crisis, and there were several of those this year. SBUX found controversy twice, once for trying nightly business report countdown calendar promote awareness of social issues, and again when it went solid red for the holidays without any decorations.

Volatility it seems was everywhere. Stocks hit new all-time highs in May before correcting with a steep selloff, more than 10 percent in late August. The market steadied from there regaining most of the losses during the fourth quarter.

Currency and bonds markets were shaken and stirred regularly. Starting in January when Switzerland ended a cap on the value of the franc against the euro. At the end of June, Greece missed payments on a loan, threatening to divide the European Union. In midsummer, China responding to it crushing stock market down 38 percent in less than three months, devalued its yuan.

That shocked the world markets again. Economic stimulus in China, Japan and Europe, along with a rising dollar made U. And no sector felt the pinch more than commodities and energy. In recent weeks, oil prices hit year lows, down more than 65 percent in a year and a half, an oil glut with no end in sight has worldwide layoffs in the energy patch during a quarter of a million this year alone.

Housing improved too, but the economy will be tested as the Fed raises rates and mortgages, auto loans and credit cards all get more expensive.

nightly business report countdown calendar

Retail numbers are OK, but not great, and the future of brick and mortar stores has been questioned with online sales up 15 percent in the third quarter from a year earlier. Mobile sales even stronger, projected to rise almost 39 percent this year.

So, there are pockets of strength, but the economy as a whole will be tested now. Wages are only barely higher. Well, the hand wringing and teeth gnashing when to raise rates is over. Dominic Chu followed all the ups and downs for us, and he joins us now. The volatility came in sort of big spasms there a couple times in the summer and later in the year, as well.

Does the volatility in and of itself say anything about the health of the bull market? The market is in essence tripled just to put a rough number around it since then. And so, there are oftentimes when traders feel as though you get this kind of battleground, right?

Gates of Vienna

But we saw a lot of ups and downs almost like the bulls and bears are fighting it out. Sometimes traders feel as though it could be indicative of a changing trend. And, of course, the trend has been a seven-year bull market.

This year is probably one of the clear indications that it can. The reason why I say that is because there have been a handful of stocks in the market.

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