Problem solution essay global warming problems

Higher temperatures threaten dangerous consequences: Many people still believe that since the earth is so big, human beings cannot possibly have any major impact on the way the planet operates. Without the help of the human race, and the listening ears of our politicians, we are going to leave this extreme crisis to the next generation.

Problem solution essay global warming problems

The heatwave caused 28, premature deaths across the continent. This warming trend will increase the likelihood of more frequent and intense heatwaves, Problem solution essay global warming problems and rainstorms WWF-UK. For more than a century, people have relied on fossil fuels such as oil, coal and gas for their energy needs.

Burning these fossil fuels releases the global warming gas carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Other, even more potent, greenhouse gasses are also playing a role, as is massive deforestation.

Human activity has changed the levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere: Everything from food to clothes, and computers to carpets uses energy when it is produced and transported, causing carbon emissions to be released.

In the next 15 years, displacement, disruption to agriculture and food supplies, and damage and destruction to infrastructure would be likely to lead to economic and political instability, both within countries and across international borders, and even to wars as environmental refugees seek new homes and countries clash over scarce water and food supplies.

The industrial countries also could find themselves under immense pressure from huge numbers of environmental refugees from the developing world Christian Aid. By the end of the century, rising sea levels and crop failures could create million refugees. Even in the UK, 5 million people are at risk from increased flood and storm damage Operation Noah.

Poorer countries worst affected People in low-income countries are four times more likely to die in natural disasters than people in high income countries. The area of the world stricken by drought has doubled between and the early s Greenpeace. Some regions will experience more extreme rainfall while others will experience drought.

Association of British Insurers. Rising sea levels These could rise by more than 40 cm by the end of the century. As the oceans warm, the water expands and more water melts from glaciers and polar ice caps.

The new levels would swamp small low-lying island states and put millions of people at risk of flooding.

Were this effect to spread, and the northern ice fields melt, a rise in sea levels of up to seven meters would occur.

Problem solution essay global warming problems

The whole western Siberian sub-Arctic region has started to thaw for the first time since its formation, 11, years ago. The area, which is the size of France and Germany combined, could release billions of tones of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

This would be irreversible and would ramp up temperatures even more BBC. Polar bears could become extinct by the end of this century. They are very unlikely to survive as a species if there is an almost complete loss of summer sea ice cover, which is projected to occur before the end of this century by some climate models WWF-UK.

Water There will be less water available for irrigation and drinking because there will be less rain. Up to three billion more people could suffer water shortages by in northern Africa, the Middle East and the Indian sub-continent.

Harvest Cereals and crop yields are expected to suffer in areas of less water and increased temperatures. In one region of Mozambique, it used to be normal with two seasons — hot and cool. The majority of communities are afraid to plant, thinking that it is not the right time, thus affecting the food security of the region Tearfund.

Disease Malaria, West Nile fever, dengue fever and river blindness will spread to a wider area with an extra m people exposed to malaria by the s. Wildlife If temperatures rise in the middle of the predicted range, a third of all land-living species will be threatened by Some species are unable to adapt quickly enough to the temperature change and habitats might not be available for them to move into.

Up to a third of land-based species could face extinction by the middle of the century RSPB. Rainforests Higher temperatures and reduced rainfall could mean the loss of large areas of the Brazilian and southern African rainforest.

Gigantic economic costs The economic costs of global warming are doubling every decade UN. To stay within this limit, global greenhouse gas emissions must peak and be falling irreversibly by Therefore the choices made now and in the next five to ten years, by politicians and decision makers, will determine the extent of the devastation faced by future generations.

Legally binding national targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions are the only way of meeting the global target, as well as holding world leaders to account over taking the necessary action.

The alternative to legally binding targets is voluntary schemes. However, it is widely accepted that voluntary schemes cannot achieve the same level of environmental protection as mandatory ones; they are usually adopted when political resistance blocks the implementation of more powerful mandatory controls.

It is not wise to risk leaving the issue of greenhouse gas emissions to voluntary action; the problem requires legally binding targets that are set by the scientific analysis, and not weakened by political considerations.

High emitting countries, with their prime historic responsibility for the emissions that have led to this crisis, must lead in reducing their emissions to make certain that this goal is achieved.

Developing countries must also ensure that their own emissions are ultimately reduced within a global framework, but by an amount and timing that accounts for their pressing developmental needs and lack of resources.

Problem solution essay global warming problems

At Individual Level To reduce the risk of radical changes to temperatures in the future, action is needed now.The purpose of this essay is to clarify the biggest problems of global warming and display solutions how to avoid or stop it.

Air pollution consists of any damaging substance for the environment and living things that is introduce into the atmosphere. [5]. Problem and Solution of Global Warming This Essay Problem and Solution of Global Warming and other 64,+ term papers, college essay examples and free essays are available now on Autor: review • February 11, • Essay • 1, Words (8 Pages) • 1, Views4/4(1).

This essay will firstly discuss the reasons behind global warming and the solutions for this problem. First of all, usage of conventional fossil fuels in transportation and heavy industries has caused emission of harmful gases like carbon dioxide causing a green house effect which creates damage to the ozone layer.

Global warming is an important problem which people all the world need to solve and prevent the affected of global warming. We just saw a small affected right now, but for a long time, it will take your life away. Problem solution essays one of the most common IELTS writing task 2 questions on the academic paper.

Despite being very common, lots of students fail to do well in these questions. This post will look at some of the most common mistakes and then take you through how to answer these questions step-by-step.

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