West side story compared to romeo

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West side story compared to romeo

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West side story compared to romeo

One of these differences is that the characters in West Side Story are rough and mean compared to the characters in Romeo and Juliet. The characters in West Side Story were gang members who would pick a fight with anyone and were very ruthless.

Characters appearing in Minecraft: Story Mode. The protagonist of the game, a young builder who looks up to the Four Heroes.

Romeo and Juliet vs. West Side Story by Judith Leon on Prezi

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West side story compared to romeo

The group leader on the next beat changes the action and then on the next beat the person beside him/her does that action. Compare the characters in the stories.

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Determine which ones are intended to be mirrors of each other. For example, Tony in "West Side Story" and Romeo in "Romeo and Juliet" fulfill the same role as the young man in love.

Notice the characters that seem to be . Romeo is far moodier and less of an ideal beau than Tony in West Side alphabetnyc.com the beginning of the play, when Romeo comes upon the aftermath of the fight between the servants of the Capulet and.

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