Writing a blues song lesson plan

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Writing a blues song lesson plan

Just as we take the train to get to Tarascon or Rouen, we take death to reach a star. So to me it seems possible that cholera, gravel, tuberculosis and cancer are the celestial means of locomotion, just as steamboats, buses and railways are the terrestrial means.

To die quietly of old age would be to go there on foot. Before reading the excerpts above, tell students the title and ask what is going on in this picture?

The Music in Poetry

This painting includes a lot of details and expresses a lot of emotion. See how much students can decipher through a discussion. Encourage students to identify the evidence that supports their reasoning. Students should likewise be encouraged to share wonderings and voice confusions.

As the conversation slows, explain you are going to read three excerpts that will add context to the painting. These excerpts are drawn from letters from Van Gogh to his siblings.

After reading the excerpts ask how does this new insight change your understanding of the painting? Like Monet and the other Impressionists, Van Gogh liked working outdoors, painting with bright colors and broken brushstrokes.

However, Van Gogh was not interested in naturalism, rendering literal impressions of a scene, or trying to capture the subtle movement of light.

Instead, he painted to express his feelings.

writing a blues song lesson plan

He focused on the gritty and the mundane. He also expanded his perspective to include the symbolic and the spiritual.

That is why he is usually described as a Post—Impressionist and credited with setting the stage for Expressionism. Van Gogh may be as well known for his impetuous temperament as he is for his artistic ability.

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He was too zealous to be a missionary like his minister father, and too honest and confrontational to be an art dealer like his uncles. His impetuous nature and later mental illness lead to increasingly bizarre behavior, including the now infamous episode where he cut off his ear and presented it to a neighboring brothel.

The Starry Night is also based on his imagination, memories, and emotions. For example, the village shown could not be seen from the window and the steeple of the church resembles those common in his native Holland, not in France.

Nighttime offered Van Gogh solace and enchantment. The stars especially served as a connection to the heavens. The Starry Night was the third in a series of nocturnal paintings where Van Gogh transcribed his night visions and cosmic consciousness.

Curricular Connections

Look like an art critic Look at The Starry Night. What is going on in this picture? To encourage a focused analysis you may want to capture student responses on an anchor chart. A night sky is full of stars and swirling colors.The objective of this lesson, there is actually a few, to introduce jazz, introduce Duke Ellington as a pioneer of jazz, and also bringing in the connection of language arts in introducing what a simile is and how similes are a great tool to use for a descriptive writing.

A preschool music lesson plan full of ideas. Songs, Finger plays, Flannel Board and Group Time Fun Concepts There are many kinds of music. You can go into dept or just leave it at that. Songs can tell stories and can express different moods.

There are different musical sounds, high/low, loud/soft and fast/slow using both the vocabulary and tempo aspects of the music. Download PDF → Summary. Students will learn the history behind “This Little Light of Mine”, following the song through slavery, the civil rights movement, and up to its current day applications.

Reader's Theater Scripts and Plays All the Colors of the Rainbow (Grades ) Birds of a Feather (Grades ) Feet and Hooves and Wheels and Wings (Grades ). Popular Music Lesson Plans, K-5 Incorporate music into your curriculum, with these printables.

writing a blues song lesson plan

You'll find plenty of activities to keep your students interested and engaged while they sing songs, play instruments, and learn about musical genres. Distributing these readings prior to embarking on the lesson activities will give students a good introduction to the blues.

In addition, an extensive blues glossary appears at the end of this guide.

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